Application Areas
Application Areas

Our products are commonly used in renewalable energy and eco-friendly areas, such as green vehicle, wind power, energy efficient elevators and home appliance.  Permanent magnets deployment of 10,000 MTs can help reduce CO2 emission by 15M MTs, equivalently a total of 6M cars' annual emission.

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    Rare earth permanent magnets have been utlized as core components for electrified vehicle extensively. ZHmag is a qualified Tier 1 supplier for major auto OEMs of Europe,America,Japan and Korea.

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    Wind turbine

    Permanent magnets are used in direct-drive wind turbines,which outperform double-fed wind turbines in terms of efficiency, compatibility, maintenance cost. ZHmag has been supplying permanent magnets for wind turbines since 2006, leading the industry by a number of records - The output generated by the ZHmag permanent magnets that have been installed in wind turbines is equivalent to annual output of Sanxia Dam.

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    Zhmag products used in elevators are branded as "National Innovative Products" , Zhmag is the first non-Japanese supplier for Mitsubishi Elevator.

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    Home Appliances

    Permanent magnets are playing critical role in home applicance. We have partnered with major OEMs in China, Korea, and Japan to supply quality products for their home appliance. Our market share in home appliance, especially the compressors are steadily growing.

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    "Industry 4.0" and "China Made 2025" are emerging, which requests industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing. Featured by“5A”procuct,ZHmag can offer a variety of solutions to customers.

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    AI is coming into reality. Consumer electronics like smartphones, wearable devices, mobile data storage are playing a significant role in our e-world. With a superior magnetic performance, our products provide a golden key for all kinds of electronics components.