Major Competitivenesses
Major Competitivenesses
  • 01
    Team Collaborative Innovation
    Team-working and hard-working with innovation by unifying each individuals to create outstanding achievements, is the core competitiveness of ZHmag, that enables ZHmag survive and win in the market competition.
  • 02
    Automation of Manufacturing Process
    The state of the art automation level of ZHmag’s facilities is always ahead of the industry by continuously introducing high-end facilities and strengthening its own development on facilities made in-house.
  • 03
    Resource Backward Integration
    ZHmag established a joint venture with China Rare Earth Group,to ensure an adequate supply of raw materials.
  • 04
    International Marketing Network
    ZHmag has set up sales centers in Germany, Japan , Korea,the US and Malaysia , to offer no-time-lag,multi-language, on-site services.