Coating Type
Coating Type
ZHmag actively developed the surface treatment technology, a customized production with zinc, aluminum, nickel, phosphate, epoxy and other types of protection can meet stringent conditions for long-term use. ZHmag has applied all kinds of environment-friendly automatic coating lines, aiming at continuously enhancing the process capacity, reducing resource consumption and improving environmental performance.

Coating Type List
TypeThickness(μ m)ColorWorking Temperature(°C)PCT(h)SST(h)Characteristic
White Zn5-20Blue and White≤160-≥48Anodic coating
Color Zn5-20Iridescent≤160-≥72Anodic coating
Ni10-20Silver White≤390≥96≥12High temperature resistance
Ni+Cu+Ni10-30Silver White≤390≥96≥48High temperature resistance
IVD Al5-25Silver White≤390≥96≥96Excellent adhesive force, high temperature resistance
Epoxy15-25Black≤200-≥360Insulation, excellent thickness consistency
Ni+Cu+Epoxy20-40Black≤200≥480≥720Insulation, excellent salt spray resistance
Al+Epoxy20-40Black≤200≥480≥504Insulation, well salt spray resistance
Spray Epoxy10-30Black, Gray≤200≥192≥504Insulation, high  temperature resistance
XEV special coating80-150Black≤170≥240≥240Functional coating for easy assembly
Blackening1-2-≤390->0.5Low cost

Low cost